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Why not go responsive?
Posted by Gary Locke on 04/23/2015
The stubborn refusal to acknowledge the growth of mobile search has now put many businesses at a disadvantage. The question is: How did this happen?By now, you should know that, as of April 21, 2015, Google is penalizing websites which aren’t mobile-friendly. Failing to employ a...
How Meerkat and Periscope may change the world
Posted by Gary Locke on 04/16/2015
Meerkat and Periscope are the latest and hottest apps for the iPhone (Android versions are said to be under development), and they are remarkably similar. Once installed and activated on your phone, your Twitter followers are alerted that you are live-streaming, and they are...
What Don Draper taught us about content marketing
Posted by Gary Locke on 04/09/2015
One of the great television series of all time is coming to a close, and we will soon see the last of one of the medium’s most iconic characters – Don Draper. As portrayed so convincingly by Jon Hamm, Don has been the main figure in the trip through time we have taken on Sunday...
5 online tools to help you find your audience
Posted by Nick Rojas, Guest Blogger on 04/01/2015
Audience research can encompass a wide variety of people, listeners, viewers, readers, visitors, subscribers, or users. While good audience research can provide a whole host of information, for years overall results only delivered the two key aspects that many businesses were...
8 Simple Ways to Improve Your Website Security
Posted by Michael Reich on 03/24/2015
Sometimes the best methods to tackle any tasks are the simplest ones. You know that you need to keep your website safe from the bad guys, but once you venture down the rabbit hole of website vulnerabilities you will be faced with complex concepts and convoluted solutions. Still...