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Myths and misconceptions about website security
Posted by Ben Bassi on 03/04/2015
They’re out there. The hackers, the bad guys, the black hats are after your personal information, your clients’ personal information, and worse your identity. It can be a shock when it happens to you, because you’ve assumed that you were taking precautions. Unfortunately, you...
The challenges of building a multilingual website
Posted by Michael Reich on 02/25/2015
In this global economy, we really don’t need to be reminded that we work on the World Wide Web. The need for targeting clients in more than one country, or who speak different languages, has never been greater. There are multiple challenges which must be considered when building...
What is your social media legacy
Posted by Gary Locke on 02/18/2015
Shortly after the first of January, an old friend of mine passed away quite suddenly. My Facebook page exploded with the news, the shock, and the hurt. Many of us posted tributes to him; both on our pages, and on his page for the sake of his family. Fast forward four weeks and...
Web design and development services
Posted by Gary Locke on 02/11/2015
The CommonPlaces team is ready to get on board with you to rescue your drifting, sinking project. 
Keeping it Professional on Social Media
Posted by Gary Locke on 02/11/2015
Social media, as anyone who follows the news knows, can get you in a world of trouble. During times of crisis or tragedy, an ill phrased Tweet can lead a celebrity to a mountain of misery. But this is certainly not exclusively a celebrity problem, nor is it limited to public...