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Landing Page Design
Posted by Carolyn Bowers on 06/24/2015
When using Inbound Marketing language, a landing page is a lead conversion page that appears in response to a visitor clicking on a call-to-action. The general goal of a landing page is to convert site visitors into leads. The effectiveness of a landing page is measured through...
what is the difference between user testing and usability testing?
Posted by Michael Reich on 06/17/2015
For any business building a new website, the terms user testing and usability testing might seem like a case of semantics, or even po-tay-to/po-tah-to. However you look at it, everybody is a user of the site. Generally, though, the development team is testing usability. They...
Drush - Computer Image
Posted by Colby Johnson on 06/09/2015
Now that you have learned what a helpful tool Drush can be for all Drupal developers, let’s think about how this, in combination with other command line tools, can make your jobs even easier. Any professional establishment will use version control and multiple environments...
Drupal Drush Logo
Posted by Colby Johnson on 06/02/2015
Checking Site StatusWe’re halfway through our examination of the many benefits of Drush for the Drupal developer. Let’s explore other tools in the Drush toolbox which can be used to gain information about the site you are currently working on. This is a quick and easy way of...
DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015 Highlights
Posted by Lemuel Santos on 05/26/2015
The biggest Drupal event of the year took place where the artists of the movies gave place to the artists of the Web: Los Angeles, California. The second largest city in the United States was a temporary home for more than 3,000 Drupalistas from 58 different countries. Wow… this...