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Google Apps in the cloud
Posted by Ben Bassi on 10/23/2013
Your IT department doesn’t want to hear this, but Google’s suite of apps for business can’t be matched for the advantages it brings to your company’s ROI. It is time to retire the server email and, along with it, most of your server-based applications.  With everything...
Writing the Press Release
Posted by Gary on 10/22/2013
Anyone in business with something to promote, or with a need to draw attention to a cause, sooner or later will probably be called upon to write a press release. I’ve been writing them for longer than I can remember and, while the basics haven’t changed over the years, certain...
Agile vs. Waterfall, Wagilfall
Posted by Michael Reich on 10/17/2013
One of the most popular blogs we’ve ever posted concerns our web development process. Since 13 months can be a lifetime in the wonderful world of the internet, I thought that we’d revisit the topic. While our methodology hasn’t changed a bit in all that time, our experiences...
Planning and Communication Tools
Posted by Kendra on 10/15/2013
Web Projects can become chaotic and complex.  With so many moving parts and people cranking the gears, it can be difficult to keep track of the tiny details and ensure that everyone is on the same page.  Here at CommonPlaces, we deal with very large and very complex...
Pay-per_click quality score
Posted by Gary on 10/10/2013
CommonPlaces is pleased to present a special Guest Blogger post from our friends at Dynamic Search Online Marketing Solutions. We hope to present more guest posts from partners and friends across the spectrum of the digital world. Please feel free to contact us directly, if you...