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Posted by Michael Reich on 01/28/2014
There are a lot of good reasons for tweaking a URL in order to make it more recognizable, and easier to share. URLs can be so long and convoluted, essentially comprised of nothing but code, and who wants to click on something that you can’t identify? You don’t want to take that...
Millennials and Digital Natives
Posted by Gary on 01/21/2014
It has been argued in many forums over the last decade and a half that Millennials, often called Digital Natives because they started learning after the beginning of the digital information boom, see the world in a different way.  Because they currently occupy 1/3 of the...
Networking today
Posted by Ben Bassi on 01/16/2014
There was a time when networking was industry events, lunch dates, golf games, and sharing tickets to a sporting event. In order to get to know the person that you would trust your business with, you needed to spend time with them. This was the only way you could get to know...
Posted by Michael Reich on 01/15/2014
As we begin a new year, it is time to contemplate New Year’s resolutions and how to improve ourselves.  It made me think of all the ways we at CommonPlaces make the company better and the value our employees provide. The vast majority of CommonPlaces’ value is in our...
Posted by Gary on 01/14/2014
The FAQ page was long thought to be as necessary to a website as the ubiquitous Contact Us page. Recently, though, I’ve observed that many of these pages seem tossed together without any real thought or consideration of their content, as though hastily assembled by someone who...