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What is flat design?
Posted by Amanda Downie on 05/06/2014
When it comes to web design, just as with any other form of design, staying with the current trends can be important. It’s not even a matter of staying “hip” or “in the now” or whatever people want to call it anymore, but often times there are legitimate reasons for trends to...
magento, ecommerce, federal express
Posted by David Brown on 05/01/2014
Magento has become an industry standard in e-commerce, due to its flexibility and the sheer number of features that are available out-of-the-box and with no customization. For small online stores, in fact, Magento will generally handle the needs of the retailer with very minimal...
Learn how to create SEO-friendly URLs.
Posted by Carolyn Bowers on 04/29/2014
Well optimized URLs are important for both search engine optimization and user experience. Search engines factor many variables into their decision making process and URLs are high on the list. As with page titles, URLs help describe a web page to search engines and potential...
FCC proposals and net neutrality
Posted by Gary Locke on 04/24/2014
The FCC is exploring some new proposals that many say will limit, if not outright destroy the concept of Net neutrality. Earlier this year we wrote about the shared fear of many that Internet Service Providers can now write their own rules. We suggested that companies like...
Shakespeare quotes for business
Posted by Gary Locke on 04/23/2014
William Shakespeare’s 450th birthday celebration is the perfect time to reflect on wisdom which surpasses the ages. Of course, it may seem strange to consider Shakespeare having any connection with our modern world. The idea of pulling a device from our pockets, speaking to it,...