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Why should I read your RFP?
Posted by Ben Bassi on 08/14/2014
Whether you are sending RFPs (Request for Proposal), or finding them in your inbox, you should understand their limitations. Long considered something between a business best practice and a necessary evil, RFPs have evolved into the preferred method for making competitive...
Design 4 Drupal 2014
Posted by Gary Locke on 08/12/2014
Beginning in 2009, members of the Drupal community seized on the notion of promoting Drupal design and theming. The leaders of this movement created a group called Design 4 Drupal, or D4D, which has morphed into a very active community within the community. Their enthusiasm...
WordPress and Drupal security threat
Posted by Gary Locke on 08/07/2014
On August 6th it was announced that there was a major DoS attack vector that affected Word Press and Drupal sites. A security researcher from Salesforce.com’s product security team discovered an XML vulnerability affecting both open-source platforms. This attack vector takes...
How to use social media during times of tragedy and crisis.
Posted by Gary Locke on 07/29/2014
I don’t have to tell you that we are living in the age of social media. It is now the norm to see news of momentous events coming to us on Twitter before CNN or any other network can report it. Pictures and video, sometimes ugly and chilling, are sent from phones before...
Multimedia Resources
Posted by Gary Locke on 07/24/2014
You are the Content Editor/ Social Media Specialist/ Webinar Organizer/ Videographer/ Podcaster/ Image Consultant for your company. You probably also make the coffee, since you drink more of it than anyone else in the office. Your supervisor looks at you quizzically whenever you...