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Heartbleed and internet security
Posted by Gary Locke on 04/10/2014
An Internet bug named Heartbleed, which may likely affect all web users, was recently discovered by security researchers and was disclosed this week. Many have called this possibly the most serious breach of Internet security ever. Unfortunately, the extreme technical nature of...
5 Ways Pinterest Has Helped Small Businesses Grow
Posted by Teddy Hunt on 04/08/2014
Pinterest is one of the latest, greatest players in the world of social media. Like other simple but innovative platforms, it opens up the Internet to help people share information about themselves, their pursuits, and their businesses with millions of others. With its ability...
How to make your clients successful.
Posted by Stanley Tremblay on 04/03/2014
I think that it is a no-brainer that client success should be a driving factor for any company. One desired result, for example, is repeat business and customer referrals. So, what can you do to ensure that you are making your clients successful? Let's take a look.1. ...
Will the Internet remain impartial and free?
Posted by Ben Bassi on 04/01/2014
Did you ever wonder who controls the domain names and the Internet?  It’s not GoDaddy like most people think. It’s actually the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a Los Angeles based independent body. On March 14, the National Telecommunications...
Can your content be trusted
Posted by Gary Locke on 03/27/2014
Manipulation is a game played on so many different levels today that most cynics seem to have stopped looking for it. When it comes to media and journalism, the blur between advertising and the news runs the risk of crushing any faith the public has in whatever information they...