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Posted by Gary on 01/14/2014
The FAQ page was long thought to be as necessary to a website as the ubiquitous Contact Us page. Recently, though, I’ve observed that many of these pages seem tossed together without any real thought or consideration of their content, as though hastily assembled by someone who...
Drupal Commerce vs. Magento
Posted by Ben Bassi on 01/09/2014
In a previous blog, Michael Reich, our Vice President of Operations, presented an overview of Magento, the robust ecommerce platform that we believe is one of the best options available. This seems like a good time to compare Magento with another framework that many may be...
Make the Switch to Universal Analytics
Posted by Gary on 01/07/2014
Google Analytics is one of those services that we frequently set and forget on our websites. That is, if we’re receiving the tracking data, then we don’t worry too much about how it is configured. After all, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, right?You’ve probably missed Google’s...
How Content marketers Should Begin Each Day
Posted by Gary on 12/31/2013
My workday begins at 8:30 am. I plunk my tea on my desk, start up the laptop, curse Java for insisting on an ever so vital update, and open my email. I probably have skimmed the highlights already, glancing at my phone earlier that morning in hopes of learning that overnight I...
Social Media memories 2013
Posted by Gary on 12/23/2013
What were the biggest, most memorable events to blaze across social media in 2013? Let's take a look back.