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Game of Thrones
Posted by Gary Locke on 06/19/2014
The dictionary defines “binge” as, “a short period of time when you do too much of something”. The key words here, I believe, are “too much”. Binge can also be defined as “a social gathering”. I see a rapid increase in bingeing on bingeing, and it needs to stop.Lately, bingeing...
How to maintain technological balance
Posted by Michael Reich on 06/17/2014
For a very long time, CommonPlaces has been nationally recognized as one of the best Drupal design agencies in the country. We are very proud of this distinction, and we fully recognize that Drupal development is one of our strengths. We have developers who bleed Drupal blue,...
advice my father gave me
Posted by Gary Locke on 06/12/2014
Once a year he enjoys a day in which he is honored for the position in life that he most treasures. He gets a hug, a present, a special meal – all for being a dad. This Sunday is Father’s Day, and the team here at CommonPlaces wishes to pay tribute to our fathers by sharing the...
big brother has been watching for years
Posted by Ben Bassi on 06/11/2014
Let’s get one thing clearly stated from the beginning: Any website or marketing service which illegally obtains information about any individual or group of individuals should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Invasion of privacy without a granting of...
Protect your SEO
Posted by Gary Locke on 06/05/2014
You’ve just made a major redesign of your website, maybe even switching CMS platforms, and your URLs are going to be entirely different from their past iteration. Or, perhaps you have an ecommerce site, and you are making changes to your product line. This means that you are...