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When is a CRM not a CRM?
Posted by Ben Bassi on 09/12/2013
There are two identical acronyms in our business which mean entirely different things, so it is easy to get confused when they come up in conversation. CRM can stand for                   Customer Relationship ManagementOr,...
Searching for New Employees
Posted by Michael Reich on 09/10/2013
Big, exciting changes are coming to CommonPlaces. Our offices are moving from the placid, pastoral setting of Hampstead, NH to the energetic pace of downtown Manchester, NH. We are anticipating, and already experiencing, growth. This prompted a look back at how the hiring...
Your server is the heart of your business.
Posted by Ben Bassi on 09/05/2013
If a modern business has a beating heart, it is the web server. Your server runs your website, stores valuable data, and connects your business to the outside world. If the server is not functioning properly, your company runs the risk of catastrophic failure on the level of a...
SEO, Search Engine Optimization
Posted by Carolyn Bowers on 09/03/2013
Search engine optimization can be a very intimidating task to tackle. There are many myths about SEO, and the rules seem to change by the day, but if it is approached with the right mindset the result will be very rewarding. Before you take on the task of improving your SEO it...
Twitter for Business
Posted by Gary on 08/29/2013
It’s hard to believe that Twitter is barely seven years old. Launched in July of 2006, Twitter rapidly became one of the solid foundations for international social media. Its impact on culture, politics, and media is off the charts. Businesses need to find ways to harness this...