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Vibrant Video
Posted by Gary on 11/05/2013
Videos don't need to be expensive to make. All you need is a little imagination. 
Is it too late to fix your website?
Posted by Ben Bassi on 10/31/2013
We get calls every week from people asking us to fix their website. We’re asked to finish projects, to rescue them from the money pit they have fallen into. As we investigate problems, we frequently discover that the problems are significantly worse than the client ever...
Epsilon Dinner
Posted by Ben Bassi on 10/30/2013
It’s not often that one of our clients takes the whole project team out to dinner at a posh restaurant to celebrate a successful launch. Epsilon was kind enough to give us this treat, and I want to give them a shout-out of appreciation from everyone here at CommonPlaces. We love...
Passing the beer truck test
Posted by Gary on 10/29/2013
We have a little saying in the CommonPlaces office: “Does it pass the beer truck test?”If you got hit by a beer truck on your way home, would someone be able to do your job tomorrow? Would the earth, or at least your company, wobble off its axis because you have made yourself...
Rabbit Meme
Posted by Gary on 10/24/2013
For anyone who spends any time on the interwebs, memes have become a way of life. From Grumpy Cat, to George RR Martin's Game of Thrones, to The Walking Dead, and so many more, there is an image out there with text on it just for you! Feel free to create them, share them,...