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Uploading Documents using HTML5
Posted by Daniel Pepin on 02/06/2014
Formatting documents for viewing on the web is a tough business. The problem is, every browser handles documents in different ways. Let’s pretend you have a document, AwesomeDocument.pdf, that you want to embed into your site. You test it on your computer, and it works great!...
Secretary of Labor Tom Perez (right) with Gary Locke
Posted by Gary Locke on 02/04/2014
President Obama's search to put a face to the long-term unemployed brought him to CommonPlaces.                                                    ...
Domains on the World Wide Web
Posted by Gary Locke on 01/29/2014
Welcome to the amazing new world of gTLDs, or generic top-level domain names. Never heard of them? You will!In order to make contact with some entity on the Internet, you have to enter an address of some kind into your computer, or at least get your browser to do it for you....
Page not Found
Posted by Michael Reich on 01/28/2014
There are a lot of good reasons for tweaking a URL in order to make it more recognizable, and easier to share. URLs can be so long and convoluted, essentially comprised of nothing but code, and who wants to click on something that you can’t identify? You don’t want to take that...
Millennials and Digital Natives
Posted by Gary Locke on 01/21/2014
It has been argued in many forums over the last decade and a half that Millennials, often called Digital Natives because they started learning after the beginning of the digital information boom, see the world in a different way.  Because they currently occupy 1/3 of the...