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Pay-per_click quality score
Posted by Gary on 10/10/2013
CommonPlaces is pleased to present a special Guest Blogger post from our friends at Dynamic Search Online Marketing Solutions. We hope to present more guest posts from partners and friends across the spectrum of the digital world. Please feel free to contact us directly, if you...
Google Hummingbird
Posted by Gary on 10/08/2013
Let’s try a little experiment. Take the title of this blog, and Google it. You will find many, many articles and blog posts with this exact title. Without delving too far back on Google pages, I found a posting dated February 21, 2003 with the same title. This was less than five...
Social media icons
Posted by Gary on 10/03/2013
Sometimes the most obviously helpful tips are often overlooked, or under-utilized. That is probably the case with one of the most basic elements of modern marketing; the social media icons. They are as vital to your everyday strategy as any other weapon in your arsenal. Are you...
First Day at CommonPlaces
Posted by Ben Bassi on 10/02/2013
I wanted to take a break from our typical format to formally announce a thrilling change for CommonPlaces. On October 1, we officially moved into our new home at 186 Granite Street in Manchester, NH. The space is 50% bigger than we were before, and I am 100% excited about it....
Editorial Calendar
Posted by Kendra on 10/01/2013
Creating unique, interesting, and helpful content should be the core of every business’s digital marketing strategy.  Regardless of your company’s products or services, target market, or social media outlets, you should be creating content on a weekly, if not daily, basis....