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content creation and the editorial calendar
Posted by Gary Locke on 01/21/2015
Your editorial calendar is one of your best friends in content creation. As much as anything else, it lays out your plans for the future. You take a look ahead and determine if some topic might fit a particular celebration or special date. You can manage priorities better with a...
What is programmatic marketing?
Posted by Gary Locke on 01/14/2015
For several years we have been hearing about programmatic marketing as the Next Big Thing in the digital world. With companies like ABC and American Express investing heavily in the data and technology which makes programmatic advertising possible, we can probably say with some...
The social sales funnel
Posted by Ivan Serrano - Guest Blogger on 01/08/2015
Many things might have changed over the years, but the one thing that has stayed the same is the sales funnel. At its core, the sales funnel is a simple visualization of the steps required to sell your product or service. When businesses apply this model to their business, they...
How is building a steam engine similar to building a website?
Posted by Gary Locke on 01/06/2015
What is it like to ask a developer a question?  Prepare for a long answer. We recently asked a couple of questions of our Director of Development  to help flesh out our website. We expected a simple response, but we received a very detailed response.   Our...
Nerf Said
Posted by Gary Locke on 12/31/2014
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