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Posted by Gary Locke on 02/11/2015
The CommonPlaces team is ready to get on board with you to rescue your drifting, sinking project. 
Keeping it Professional on Social Media
Posted by Gary Locke on 02/11/2015
Social media, as anyone who follows the news knows, can get you in a world of trouble. During times of crisis or tragedy, an ill phrased Tweet can lead a celebrity to a mountain of misery. But this is certainly not exclusively a celebrity problem, nor is it limited to public...
Where is technology taking us?
Posted by Joshua Albert on 02/04/2015
In 1996 the Web was a relatively recent invention, and the Internet itself, while having evolved in a small community of scientists and academics, wasn't well-established, at least not in the mass market - it was just hitting the scene. There was a lot of speculation as to where...
would you hire me?
Posted by Michael Reich on 01/26/2015
People who put themselves in compromising situations outside the workplace, to the point where you worry about their health, admittedly might not be demonstrating the best judgment. But, is it any of my business? Ben Bassi, our CEO, asked me the other day, “When are you...
content creation and the editorial calendar
Posted by Gary Locke on 01/21/2015
Your editorial calendar is one of your best friends in content creation. As much as anything else, it lays out your plans for the future. You take a look ahead and determine if some topic might fit a particular celebration or special date. You can manage priorities better with a...