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conversion rates and your website
Posted by Gary Locke on 12/23/2014
Let’s get down to it – What is your ultimate goal with your website? Chances are, you want toRaise your visibility on the InternetTell your brand’s storyIncrease sales or lead conversionPlaying the Inbound Marketing gameYou have thrown your chips into the Inbound Marketing kitty...
Social media memories of 2014
Posted by Gary Locke on 12/18/2014
Social media, from the Twitterverse to Instagram to Ello, in all the myriad ways we connect with one another, seems as though it could not have been more explosive than it was in 2014. And, as I write those words, I fully realize that 2015 will likely find ways to exceed the...
personal device use at the workplace
Posted by Abby Perkins - Guest Blogger on 12/04/2014
About 90% of all Americans have cell phones, and, as of January 2014, nearly 60% of those are smartphones. These numbers only increase in the professional world, and personal device use doesn’t stop when the workday begins.Many employees use their personal devices to make phone...
PCI compliance and online shopping security
Posted by Michael Reich on 12/02/2014
As we hurtle toward the holiday season, it seems appropriate to look at one of the most misunderstood concerns for the online retailer – PCI compliance. Nominally, this is a set of requirements designed to ensure that all companies with a merchant ID for processing...
Computer engineer and developer Barbie
Posted by Gary Locke on 11/25/2014
Poor Susan Marenco. In 2010, Ms. Marenco, now a technical editor in San Francisco, got an assignment to write for the “I Can Be…” series of Barbie books published by Mattel and Random House. Although there seems to be some question as to when the book was published (Mattel says...