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Computer engineer and developer Barbie
Posted by Gary Locke on 11/25/2014
Poor Susan Marenco. In 2010, Ms. Marenco, now a technical editor in San Francisco, got an assignment to write for the “I Can Be…” series of Barbie books published by Mattel and Random House. Although there seems to be some question as to when the book was published (Mattel says...
New baby, new website
Posted by Gary Locke on 11/20/2014
What ever happened to the concept of truth in advertising? Is it dead? Did it ever truly exist? After watching a week’s worth of marketing Tweets, posts, and shares, I decided that all marketers really need to lighten up. We know what we really want to say, but honesty seldom...
Net Neutrality Now
Posted by Gary Locke on 11/18/2014
We have been covering the furious debate over net neutrality since the controversy hit the high-speed fan very early in 2014. Shortly after a Federal Court of Appeals determined that the FCC did not have the authority to impose common carrier regulatory requirements on broadband...
Don't Gamble With Your Social Media
Posted by Gary Locke on 11/13/2014
Few things have caused me to cringe in the past year more than hearing or reading about businesses hiring amateurs to run their social media platforms. I also cast a dubious eye on agencies which outsource so-called “social media experts”. Without naming names, many of us have...
Is it time to make changes?
Posted by Michael Reich on 11/11/2014
Any successful company develops a process, over time, which serves them well. In addition to your team, it’s your methodology which defines you. Sometimes, though, you have to recognize the value in trying a new approach. If you don’t change, you’ll never grow.Working with the...