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Can your content be trusted
Posted by Gary on 03/27/2014
Manipulation is a game played on so many different levels today that most cynics seem to have stopped looking for it. When it comes to media and journalism, the blur between advertising and the news runs the risk of crushing any faith the public has in whatever information they...
The dilemma of estimates
Posted by Michael Reich on 03/25/2014
What do clients want from us, or from any digital agency that they are looking to hire? In making estimates, CommonPlaces strives to be transparent, honest, and professional; but this often means that we won’t be the lowest bidder. While we have to assume the best case scenario...
social media, branding, and your employees
Posted by Gary on 03/18/2014
Whatever the size of your company, every employee has access to social media. Some may not have accounts, but even they have seen a YouTube video and know what Twitter and Facebook are. Others juggle multiple accounts and can’t stay away from their phone and/or desktop feeds,...
What Cosmos can teach us about branding
Posted by Gary on 03/12/2014
What do we look for in a brand? What sets one brand apart from another, similar one? These are the questions marketers explore as they seek to define the brand of their clients. Understanding how branding works, and has worked, brings us closer to the answer. Let us now consider...
Getty Images Seismic Shift
Posted by Gary on 03/06/2014
For almost two decades, http://www.gettyimages.com/ has been the most comprehensive source for licensed digital images on the Internet. They have a live feed of news photographs, an unrivaled historic archive, and millions of licensed digital images, videos and music –...