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What Are Your Website’s KPI Warning Signs?
Posted by Ben Bassi on 11/05/2014
It used to be that the number of “hits” on your website determined whether your digital marketing program was successful. Yes, we all need traffic and lots of it. That being said, it’s the quality of traffic that results in sales, not just the quantity. There are hosts of Key...
Are You a Blogging Grammar Nazi?
Posted by Gary Locke on 10/30/2014
I can drive myself crazy when I’m out in public. Really, it takes very little effort. If I’m home watching television for a half hour, it’s a safe bet that sometime in those thirty minutes I will hear someone misuse lay and lie. When that happens I correct my television out loud...
zombie website, zombie apocalypse, undead website, dead domains
Posted by Gary Locke on 10/29/2014
When a website is launched, we say that it went “Live”. It has a presence on the Internet, taking in visitors and giving out information. It can be as vital and robust as you choose, but even a simple site with just a couple of pages has a life and a purpose.Unfortunately, many...
Blog Comments and Spam
Posted by Gary Locke on 10/22/2014
You’ve all seen spam on a blog post. You’ve probably also seen spam on some YouTube videos, and Facebook fan pages. We know what it looks like, just as we know that it can be the harbinger of disaster.“This is very Useful information thank you. Perhaps will please write more...
Drupal Vulnerability and Drupageddon ‘14
Posted by Gary Locke on 10/20/2014
A serious code breach in Drupal 7 was unearthed last week, leaving many sites at risk. Well, actually, it just resurfaced, since it had been identified and then dismissed last year. No one can afford to ignore it now.This vulnerability is SQL Injection, a very common hacking...