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10 Blogs to Inspire Your Content
Posted by Gary Locke on 10/14/2014
Content doesn’t just happen. Those of us assigned to create it are always looking for inspiration. Of course, this is true for all creators of media. Imagine the daily cartoonist, on the prowl for something new to get the readers laughing, or news editors who need to fill 3.5...
What is a digital agency
Posted by Ben Bassi on 10/09/2014
The sign above Granite Street in Manchester, NH identifies CommonPlaces as a Digital Agency, but what does that really mean? Couldn’t any company immersed in today’s digital landscape be called a Digital Agency? Or, are we employing a pretentious term to simply describe website...
What is domain authority
Posted by Michael Reich on 10/07/2014
Domain authority, while it relies on an amalgamation of factors, is all about where you place in search engine rankings compared with your competitors. There was a widely held belief among digital marketers that lots of content makes all the difference. Write a ton of content on...
New Hampshire Manufacturing Week
Posted by Gary Locke on 10/02/2014
This is the week that New Hampshire celebrates Manufacturing Week, and takes the time to acknowledge this important sector of our economy. While the recovery in manufacturing has been slow since the great recession began, economic forecasts  since early 2013 have indicated...
Ello is the alternative social media site, and the anti Facebook.
Posted by Gary Locke on 09/29/2014
Seriously? Another social media site? In a word, yes. It is Ello, and it is exploding in popularity. One report cited an astonishing growth of 30K new members an hour at peak times, up from only 90 members in August! From a modest, friends only beginning in March of this year,...