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The Client

Epsilon is an experienced agency offering digital marketing solutions. Global brands choose Epsilon for unique solutions that strategically combine rich data, analytics, creativity and technology. They help 15 of the top 20 global brands identify their customers — where they are, where they’ve been, and how to gain their loyalty. Epsilon also partners with the leading technology providers in every area relevant to marketing to create powerful tools and campaigns across all channels.

Epsilon added a new platform Agility Harmony to be a system designed to deliver exceptional email and multichannel campaigns for driving results. Epsilon built and designed Agility Harmony to enable their clients to generate stronger, smarter, and more effective campaigns – essentially, a world class platform built by marketers, for marketers. This was their first venture into a product specific satellite site, and they turned to CommonPlaces to help realize their vision.

The Project

CommonPlaces was hired to design and develop a suitable website which would considerably enhance Epsilon’s online presence. It had to be fully responsive across all platforms, easily navigable, and flexible for growth.

The Solution

Agility Harmony continues Epsilon's 40+ years of brand-building through relationship marketing strategies, powering advanced email marketing and cross-channel marketing. 

CommonPlaces built Agility Harmony using our wagifall method of website development. The project wasn’t, initially, as big as it ultimately became. The initial design was completed in twelve weeks. However, another four months passed while Epsilon held user conferences. It wasn’t until various stakeholders in the project at Epsilon had a chance to work with the site that they discovered ways for it to be more user-friendly, and to integrate more smoothly with their business needs. This led to a variety of tweaks and a continuing evolution of the final product.

Epsilon displayed an unwavering respect for our ability to design and develop their website properly, and the pay-off speaks for itself. Epsilon Agility Harmony has everything we love to see in a website. It is responsive across all platforms, integrates perfectly with the client’s many needs, easily navigated, and it is gorgeous to look at. The nicest part is that all parties are extremely happy with the results, giving everybody certain bragging rights.

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