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How did you get into Web Development?

My interest began in college when taking a course that introduced PHP and MySQL. I was fascinated the first time I created a visual experience using code. It was then that I began to realize the vast opportunities associated with the technology. After graduation I landed a job in the field where my passion became a career path that I follow to this day.

What are you most excited about when it comes to your career at CommonPlaces?

The ability to grow and move forward. Here at CP there are many great minds with decades of combined experience to tap into and the company itself has auspicious plans.

Tell us your best fishing story.

Hmm... that's tough to answer. If I were to pick a recent one I would say while fly fishing in Yellowstone. On the way to the spot I passed an elk kill. Seeing that was strange to me being from the Northeast, but continued on. Finally, I found a nice spot to fish and started catching trout one after the next. In a blur I had caught 5 of the most beautiful fish I have ever seen. Then shortly after a huge grizzly bear came snooping around for the elk kill and I was essentially forced away from the location.

Where is your favorite fishing spot?

On a kayak over salt water. Nothing in fishing compares to getting pulled around by a fish.

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