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Why CommonPlaces?

I’ve been working for CommonPlaces on and off since High School when I would file papers and fill out excel sheets.  Since then, I’ve been an intern, Marketing Specialist, Account Manager, Project Manager, Marketing Manager, and now Director of Sales and Marketing.  I love being in an industry where each day is different, the landscape is currently changing, and CommonPlaces gives us a chance to go out to explore these changes and learn something new.  

Sales or Marketing, which one reigns supreme?

Both!  Sales and Marketing are so closely related, it's often hard to see where one ends and the other begins. Each department has amazing qualities and capabilities, it's impossible for me to pick just one.   The one thing I know for sure is that both departments rely on each other and need to be able to work together to achieve the company's goals.  When you combine the creativity of the Marketing Team with the hands-on experience of the Sales Team, you cannot lose.  It also helps to have an amazing team to work with. 

What’s with the Medals?

I’m a competitive person and I love to participate in as many racing events as possible each year.  So far I’ve competed in a variety of races, triathlons and snowboarding competitions.  Recently I’ve fallen in love with mud runs, especially since it’s something I do with my entire family (dad included)!

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