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You're originally from Brazil, are there big differences with design and development?

Yes and no. Working with the internet, you have to have a very global mindset. The internet is really what connects all the cultures together. Everybody uses a lot of the same tools but in different ways.

What made you come to CommonPlaces?

I love to travel and see new things. Travelling adds new stories. They enrich your life from being able to experience new cultures. I also get to learn a lot. Being able to think across different cultures really adds a whole different dimension to your work and design.

How do you like New England?

The weather can get pretty rough. Snow is completely overrated. I am used to a little warmer climate. As for the people, every one is smart and well educated. Everyone really welcomes you. It's also a very collaborative atmosphere up here. It's especially true for the team at Commonplaces.

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