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How did you get into web development?

I originally began my career selling computer hardware for a very large company, but wanted to get into software development sales. There is just a lot more you can do with software these days. Hardware takes too long to solve a problem. Software development lets you solve complex problems with simple solutions very quickly.

Were you a developer transformed into a sales person?

Actually, I think it might be starting to be the other way around. I’ve been in sales for nearly 15 years. I tend to figure out what the client wants and translate that to our development team.  Every client I meet, I like to figure out how their business works, and then try to completely solve their problem, whatever it may be.

Why did you choose CommonPlaces to call home?

CommonPlaces gives you the freedom to want to be successful. The environment here doesn’t push you to make quotas or sales numbers, so that reflects in our client relationships. We understand we might not be for every business, but for the ones that are a right fit, we put everything into making them as successful as possible.

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