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How did you get into web development?

Back when I was around 13 years old my father asked me to make him a site to promote his work as a consultant. I bought a book on HTML and built a pretty rudimentary but working website. Later on I bought another book on ASP to make it more dynamic and was immediately hooked on programming. Couple of years after that I watched Matrix and got convinced that development would be a cool career to pursue being able to code all day long (and it is!). So I owe my profession to my dad and Neo.

What type of projects do you look forward to tackling here at CommonPlaces?

I am blessed to actually love what I do so I look forward to any coding endeavour. Also, I enjoy learning new technologies so I look forward to that as well.

When did you start doing CrossFit?

I started about a year ago and I am completely addicted. I'm a part of the main team of my affiliate box here in Curitiba, Brazil.

Is there any connection between CrossFit and Web Development?

Definitely! They are both challenging and demanding. In CrossFit you have to continuously push your limits, you are never done, there is always room for improvement. Same goes for Web Development, there is always some new technology to learn, frameworks evolve, code needs to be updated, it's a never ending quest. Also, in CrossFit you have to know how to push yourself and keep going when all you want to do is throw yourself down to the ground. Same goes for programming! There are days when you ask yourself "why DID I choose this profession?" but those are also the very same days you learn the most from and the ones that bring the most satisfaction when you actually succeed in conquering your challenge.

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