Meet the Team

  • The CEO

    Ben Bassi, founder and CEO of CommonPlaces, is a seasoned Internet veteran and marketing executive. As one of the founding executives of Lycos, Bassi licensed search engine technology to the likes of Microsoft, Netscape, and Viacom. As COO of Firefly, the world’s first personalized social network, he worked with the federal government to adopt today’s internet privacy standards (P3P). Bassi founded CommonPlaces in 1998 in Cambridge, MA. Upon the sale of its Six Degrees website and technology patents to LinkedIn in 2003, CommonPlaces focused its efforts on delivering digital marketing and web solutions. To date, Bassi has directed CommonPlaces to deliver over 450 projects, earning a number of awards including the Inc. 500 and the Communicator Award for Excellence.

The Team

  • Michael Reich
    Michael Reich
    VP of Operations
  • Kendra
    Head of Marketing & Sales
  • Lemu
    Sr. Web Designer & Developer
  • John
    Sr. Web Developer
  • Amanda
    Web Designer & Developer
  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Marketing & Copywriter
  • Web Developer
  • Client Success Supervisor
  • Dan
    Sr. Web Developer
  • Web Developer