We bring Strategy, Creativity, and Technology together to empower our clients to seamlessly and effectively manage their Digital Ecosystems and achieve their goals.

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We at CommonPlaces…

  • Create digital ecosystem experiences that are seamless, efficient, and intuitive for our clients to manage on their own.
  • Understand that your website or portal is an investment; our team is dedicated to proving our value and generating a high ROI.
  • Develop custom solutions and integrations for our clients that enhance the Customer Experience Journey.
  • Support our customers before, during, and after projects with transparent and consistent communication.
  • Provide security vigilant solutions to give our clients and their audience peace of mind that their data and personal information will be safe.
  • Have over two decades of development experience and have completed over 1,000 projects in a wide range of industries so we understand your needs and goals.




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CommonPlaces’ History

CommonPlaces was originally founded by Ben Bassi, Bill Townsend & Mark Palmer in 1998 to provide hosted, web-based solutions to over 250 colleges and universities. During that time, CommonPlaces also owned innovative sites such as SixDegrees.com, whose patents and technologies were sold to become the basis of LinkedIn.com. In 2003, CommonPlaces entered the market as a premier open-source development firm. Since then, CommonPlaces has helped establish and strengthen the web presence of thousands of successful projects throughout the country.

The name “CommonPlaces” is derived from the Boston Common, located near our original office. Boston Common historically represents a central location for citizens of all backgrounds to meet. Our goal is to build and nurture such venues on the World Wide Web by creating common places for people to gather  as is seen within our customer experience portals and business integrations that we build.

Ⓒ Abhishek Suryawanshi