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Content Writer and Strategist
Stormy Weather
Green Thumb
Soft Pretzels
Smart people talk about ideas. Common people talk about things. Mediocre people talk about people.
- Jules Romains

Why CommonPlaces?

Working with the great folks at CommonPlaces just makes me happy. Everyone shares a nerdy sense of humor, a good attitude, and a drive to do the best work possible. We help make great ideas come to life, and maintain a cozy sense of community while working as a team.

Fun Facts

  • I’ve got 2 pet ducks, 3 cats, and a grumpy homing pigeon. I dog-sit quite a bit, so I often have a temporary dog or 2 as well.
  • Decent at carpentry and I DIY just about every handyman task pretty darn well - but I have never used a lawnmower in my life
  • People are amazed by my dog-like sense of smell and ability to accurately identify a ridiculous number of things by scent alone - and from their presence hours ago.
  • Completed countless escape rooms with my team of friends
  • Maybe possibly potentially hold the idea that “a higher power” is actually developers and we are all part of a massive RPG existing in infinite universes at infinite times
BT and Me - about to drop a hot album