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Film Maker
R2 Builder
Scout Leader
Sci Fi Geek
If you are walking through hell, keep walking.
- Winston Churchill

Why CommonPlaces?

I started my career as a Database Administrator. That led to web development as I created data-heavy web applications and reporting tools. I strive to make maintainable and flexible code while keeping up with this ever changing industry. It’s been fun watching the technology and tools I use evolve over time.

I am fortunate to have found CommonPlaces where I can use my creativity to solve clients’ needs. I work with an amazing group of talented people. The team is enthusiastic and driven to help. That passion is seen in the work we produce for clients.

Fun Facts

  • I picked a fight with an electric horse fence and had to admit defeat.
  • I have a math minor and dread the day my son asks for help with his homework, because there’s a high probability that my brain replaced that information with Star Trek knowledge. I don’t think “reversing the polarity” will be on his homework.
  • I’ve had cataracts in my eyes since kindergarten and can’t see the center when looking through a microscope.
  • I can make balloon sculptures provided no one around me is allergic to latex.