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Coffee Fancier
Risotto Cooker
Sunday Drummer
London Explorer
There is no perfection, only progress.
- Anonymous

Why CommonPlaces?

I believe we can affect the environment we live in just as much as the environment can affect us.

Everyone I met here was always willing to collaborate or kindly share knowledge, and this influenced me to do the same thing. I feel grateful.

CommonPlaces is that type of place you feel good to be part of, and working with this team for several years made me realize that this company is, in fact, an AmazingPlace ;) 

Fun Facts

  • I drink almost 2 liters of coffee per day.
  • I already fasted for 3 long days.
  • I learned to play acoustic instruments by myself.
  • With only 12 days of life I interpreted baby Jesus in a local church theater.
  • I never forget faces and names, including surnames.