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Project Manager


Sports Mom
Plant Lady
Rock Concerts
Animal Lover
I like to think my own thoughts.
- Shannon Warshaw

Why CommonPlaces?

One of my favorite friend/colleagues of all time started at CP and told me how amazing it was to work there.  How everyone was treated fairly and with respect and how well the company was run.  Once I started at CP I discovered he was right.  It’s a great place to work - challenging, respectful, empowering.

Fun Facts

  • We love making street tacos with hand made corn tortillas. I particularly love Korean fusion tacos with ingredients like gochujang, peanut butter sesame and kimchi.
  • Bought a house in a neighborhood we love without ever seeing the inside and renovated it ourselves with the help of family.
  • Broke the gym record on the treadwall in 1999.