HubSpot is a robust inbound marketing, sales, CRM, and CMS platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads and turn leads into sales. HubSpot has been an extraordinarily successful tool for many industries, including business services, technology, software, and security websites around the globe. In fact, 120,000 Companies (and rising) benefit from using HubSpot. 

HubSpot tools allow understanding of your customer’s activities and act as a guide to drive content creation based on customer behavior and needs. The HubSpot content optimization system (COS) is part content system, part personalization engine, and the first integrated website, blog, and landing page system to be optimized for mobile out-of-the-box. Fully integrated with every marketing channel, it adapts to each visitor’s unique context.

CommonPlaces has been a certified Hubspot agency partner, developer, and reseller for over 10 years. As a Hubspot partner, we are able to partner with  you in creating a Marketing Strategy and measuring results. We provide consulting and training with our certified team as well as content management and campaign creation to stay on track with your goals. 

CommonPlaces will set up and run your automated campaigns as well as seamlessly integrate your site’s landing pages, contact forms, and campaigns with your CRM, such as SalesForce. Once HubSpot is integrated into your site, you will be able to monitor visitor behavior with ease – allowing you to generate email campaigns and workflows for effective lead nurturing.

If you are looking for a new website or a total site overhaul, we’ve got you covered there too. CommonPlaces can design and build your entire site within HubSpot using its amazing Content Optimization System.


Benefits of Using Hubspot

  • Web traffic analysis to ensure marketing efforts are effective
  • Ease of use for marketers to easily create landing pages, calls to action, and blogs
  • Marketing automation for lead nurturing and management
  • Integration with social media platforms for ease of sharing blogs, white papers, and other content
  • Communications tracking
  • Offers an incredible all-in-one solution for your website development, analytics, customer journey tracking, marketing, and customer relationship management
  • Offers advanced SEO tools to optimize your on-page content
  • …and best of all, it is FREE software at its base level!

CommonPlace’s Hubspot Experience

  • Analytics reporting and conversion tracking
  • Campaign planning
  • Lead capture and nurturing  
  • CRM Database management
  • Certified HubSpot agency partnership
  • Full-Service web development 
  • Marketing strategy and integration
  • Content management and creation
  • Integration with third-party APIs and forms
  • Customer user-training

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