Laravel is a web application framework that prides itself on its expressive, elegant syntax. Developers can build robust, full-stack applications in PHP using Laravel together with Livewire, or as a JavaScript aficionado, build a React or Vue-driven frontend by utilizing Laravel together with Inertia.

Laravel serves as a robust backend API for Next.js applications, mobile applications, or other frontends. Whatever way you choose, Laravel offers starter kits that allow developers to be productive from the start.

Laravel claims that it is for everyone — and rightly so. They offer authentication and application starter kits that can be customized to your project, thus saving a great deal of startup time. These kits provide a framework for your web application including the routes, controllers, and views you need to register and authenticate users.

When you are looking to grow into a unique web application, complete with a customer experience portal, CommonPlaces has you covered. We make use of the exceptionally clean code offered in Laravel’s kits as a base, which saves you days – sometimes weeks – of initial development time. We then build and customize to shape your project into exactly what your business needs for ultimate success.

We are experts in building customer portals (a.k.a. membership portals), into your web applications to engage your customers. These portals feature technology such as a knowledge base, permission-based content sharing, forums, and even gamification options.


Benefits of Using Laravel

  • Squeaky clean code for a faster time-to-launch 
  • Protection against vulnerabilities
  • Built-in support for Authentication and Authorization
  • Thorough documentation, improved performance, and multiple built-in functionalities with MVC architecture
  • Automated testing and unit testing features
  • Built-in traffic handlers
  • Automated task scheduling and execution

CommonPlace’s Laravel Experience

  • Consistent experience with Laravel’s clean codebase and templates to save customers time
  • Custom user experience portals for clients requiring that customers login to interact with the application, and a highly customizable user interface
  • Permission-based content 

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