Mailchimp is a marketing automation and email service platform that helps you create and send engaging emails, surveys, and more – that reach the right audience to build quality relationships to drive revenue and growth.


Mailchimp can integrate with your CRM to build your contacts and allows you to customize and segment your audience to reach the right people with each targeted campaign. You can set a ‘touch’ schedule and reach out automatically with each step in the customer journey. It helps keep your business at the front of your mind without being redundant or pushy to your customers. You can collect data on how many emails were opened and what actions people took when they received your campaign. Total automation allows you to essentially ‘set it and forget it’ once your audience and campaigns are set up. Mailchimp does the rest! 

When setting up campaigns, you might feel a bit overwhelmed with all the steps to follow in the process. We get that - it’s tough if marketing isn’t your area of business. That’s where CommonPlaces comes in. We know marketing! We know campaigns! We know and love automation! We get to know YOUR audience through extensive market research so that we can get you set up with successful Mailchimp campaigns to grow your marketing returns.

Benefits of Using Mailchimp

  • Integrates with many popular CRMs
  • Ability to group contacts, customize, and segment audiences
  • Automated scheduling for customer reach for each step in the customer journey
  • Ability to collect demographic data
  • Analytics and tracking built-in

CommonPlace's Mailchimp Experience

  • Full service marketing campaign management
  • Automation set up and support
  • Campaign design and implementation
  • A/B testing and results analysis
  • Customer engagement campaigns
  • Market research support