CommonPlaces Wins 2018 Web Development Award for Forest Explorer App

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CommonPlaces Interactive is excited to announce winning the Web Marketing Association award for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development with their entry of the Forest Explorer App built for The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests.

The New Hampshire Forest Explorer app allows registered users to view maps of local hiking areas in New Hampshire owned by the society. This interactive mobile experience displays detailed maps of trails with points of interest along the way allowing the visitor to monitor their progress. Data points included miles, difficulty and feet gained. The app is free to the public but you must register on their website.Forest Explore

The responsive design allows easy access to hiking data and activities as well as an interactive experience for mobile users.

Kendra Strickler, Director of Client Success led the development project. Vince Paratore, Creative Director and Giovani Freitas, UX designer provided the creative and user experience. The app was developed by Colby Johnson, Director of Development. The Forest Explorer App compliments The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forest’s goal to protect New Hampshire’s most important landscapes while promoting the wise use of its renewable natural resources.

The Forest Society team included Jack Savage, Vice President, Communications and Outreach; Allan Krygeris, Senior Technology Specialist; Maria Stewart, Executive Assistant.


The Forest Society came to CommonPlaces seeking help in educating their target audience, outdoor lovers and hikers who spend time in New Hampshire’s forests, about the organization and its goals.

“We were very excited when the Forest Society presented us with a challenge on how to reach the hiking community and to spread awareness of their organization and its importance to the community,” said Strickler.

As part of the creative concept CommonPlaces recommended the creation of a tool that would leverage hikers who already knew the New Hampshire forests. The tool would teach the hikers about the Forest Society and how they managed the care of the forest.

forest-explorer“The concept of presenting some of the data gathered by the Forest Society to the visitors in a way that would enhance their forest experience was the start of what we branded the Forest Explorer,” said Paratore.

The Forest Explorer displays a variety of data in maps tied to specific geo locations. This allows for the enhanced experience that can be tied to your location. Displaying forest features, wildlife, and trail information can all be provided to the visitor as they reach those areas of the forest providing a unique educational and fun experience.

“The Forest Explorer App is a great way to enhance your hiking experience.” said Strickler.

“Whether you want to help keep your family engaged on a long hike, learn more about the forest and trail, or just track your progress, there’s an activity for your desired experience.”

The app won in the category Leisure Standard of Excellence competing against other outdoor apps and websites including The Moorings Yacht Charter and Visit Britain.

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