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5 Most Important Things About DrupalCon Denver

5 Most Important Things About DrupalCon Denver

Our Senior Web Designer & Developer, Leum Santos, at DrupalCon 2012 in Denver

Drupal is a huge part of our business and culture here at CommonPlaces. So when it was announced that DrupalCon would be located in Denver, CO this year, we didn't hesitate to send our very own Lemu Santos to check it out. Here is an overview of the most important takeaways from DrupalCon Denver.

1. Drupalistas are crazy about Drupal

For almost one-week developers, fans and all around geeks who love the CMS Drupal (also known as 'drupalistas'), from all around the world, (47 different nations, to be precise) were together in Denver, Colorado to attend the 5th DrupalCon in North America. Drupalistas are fanatic and enthusiastic about what they do, and the new things they create. Their online community rich with its own culture and nuances, this was reflected ten fold at the convention.

2. Drupal is going mobile

Over the years Drupal has continually improved itself from all of the users who contribute it. It has been mainly focused on certain mediums such as computer based websites. Drupal is beginning to shift it's focus to be mobile first. Expect to see some really beautiful, optimized for smartphones, and tablet PCs.

3. Dries and Drupal are all about innovation

Dries Buytaert, the founder of Acquia and creator of Drupal emphasized that innovation is always the priority at Drupal. As an open sourced CMS, Drupal needs to always be changing and improving. Innovation is always at the forefront of those changes. Whether it is a way to make life easier, or increase the capabilities of Drupal, Dries made sure to emphasize that it is always changing and improving.

4. Denver loves geeks

The whole city was vibrant due the 'Geek Convention' as the locals were describing it. In the restaurants, hotels, cabs, etc. you were asked a lot of times if you were in Denver participating at the 'Geek Fest' something that was very fascinating and funny at the same time. The people were very welcoming, and seemed to enjoy having all the Drupalistas. The 16th Street Mall and the downtown area are full of places to enjoy life and hang out with fellow Drupalistas. Also, the city is completely surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, which makes it interesting to see the snow caps while feeling 80 degree temperatures Downtown.

5. DrupalCon International is next

Although the Denver DrupalCon was great, the next convention goes international. The next DrupalCon will be held in Munich, Germany in August 2012. However, the one that gets us excited will be held in Lemu's native country, Sao Paulo, Brazil in December 2012.

Crowd at DrupalCon

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