Updates to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Scheduled to be finalized in September of 2022, WCAG 2.2 covers the latest updates from the Web Accessibility Initiative of the World Wide Web...

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The New Year is Upon Us! Our Top 10 Blogs from 2021

With the holidays ramping up – and just as quickly winding down, we decided to have a look back through to reminisce on the top ten articles our readers found the most interesting or helpful...
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Planning a Successful Website

In our many years of web development, the greatest lesson we've learned is the value of planning a project thoroughly and completely. This means making sure all of the details are sorted out before...
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Page Speed Optimization – From the Ground, Up

Our buddy, Googlebot, has become a stickler for a quick loading page just like you and me. In a world of instant gratification, no one wants to sit around waiting, so sites with get-up-and-go...
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Why You Should Hire Someone to Manage Your Website

CommonPlaces doesn't just design and build websites, we also maintain them. Maintenance is key to giving your users confidence in your organization and creating a consistent user experience for them....
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The Lion’s Share: How Does Sales Survive?

Offices are empty. Businesses are closed. Uncertainty fills every CEO, COO, CIO, and every other C-Suite you can think of. You can’t even call it a “suite” anymore. It’s more of a failing think tank...
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Referral Program: Earn Money For Your Next Web Project

At CommonPlaces Interactive, customer success and satisfaction is the top priority. As we continue to expand our client base, we are constantly looking for other organizations that need help...
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What is Staging?

Staging is a copy of your production environment (your current live website) on a private server. This is a safe place that allows you to test any changes - major or minor - that you plan on...
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Why Every Drupal Portal Project Needs Planning

All technical projects begin with a plan, or at least we like to think so. More often than not, we tend to start swinging our hammers before we even know where it should be landing. It’s also in our...
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Our Top 10 Blog Posts of 2019

This has been an exciting year for all of us at CommonPlaces. 2019 has brought growth and change to our team, and we have enjoyed reflecting on all that we have learned and accomplished. This year,...
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The Summer is Over, My Last Day as a Marketing Intern

This summer I had the pleasure of being the marketing intern at CommonPlaces. During my time here, I learned so much more about agencies, technology and marketing than I had ever expected.
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Why Customers Don't Want to Talk to You

It’s all in the title: Customers don’t want to talk to you.