Benefits of Using Marketing Automation in Healthcare

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Traditional marketing tactics are no longer enough to grow and maintain a business as a healthcare professional. Marketing automation providers like Hubspot, Pardot, SharpSpring and Marketo make tools that are simple and easy to use. With these create products there isn’t any excuse not to give them a try. Having a high quality website and a clear brand image is a great start, but now it’s how well you spread your message to existing and potential clients over the long-term that matters most.

Expand Your Reach

Email marketing and social media marketing are great ways to expand your marketing reach, but each of these methods require a great deal of time and resources. Why? They both require consistent, repetitive, and constant outreach to your target audience. Marketing automation is a great way to cut down on the amount of time spent on all aspects of marketing. Many professionals in the healthcare industry have already begun to execute automated strategies, and have had great success in doing so.

Benefits of Using Marketing Automation

According to a study done by Aberdeen, “Companies that use marketing automation have 107% greater lead conversion, 40% greater average deal size, 20% greater attainment of team quota and 17% better forecast accuracy.”

Marketing automation can help create personailized connections with patients.

Marketing automation is beneficial to a variety of industries in many ways, and marketing automation in healthcare is no exception. By creating a strategic marketing plan and automating campaigns based on audiences and patient types, healthcare professionals can spend more time caring for patients and improving the services they provide.

Some of the key benefits of marketing automation include:

1. Improve Customer Service

When it comes to measuring customer service performance, there is one thing that remains consistent across most industries – communication. Customers want and need to know what’s going on, and marketing automation allows healthcare professionals to do this in the most efficient and timely manner possible. By setting up automated emails, newsletters, and additional communication methods, you can keep your customers aware of what is going on at all times.

2. Save Time and Money

Automated marketing allows healthcare professionals to employ multiple marketing campaigns at once, saving time and resources. Content can be scheduled ahead of time and data can be collected and stored automatically, therefore your organization will need fewer employees to manage content delivery and analysis and you can focus on providing high quality healthcare.

3. Provide Consistent Messaging

With the right email marketing automation software, healthcare professionals can efficiently and consistently connect with both existing and prospective patients without having to spend a ton of time sending and tracking responses manually. By sending consistent messaging to your customers on a regular basis, your name and services are more likely to remain in their minds when they are in need of a healthcare professional.

4. Create Personalized Connections

Marketing automation also allows healthcare professionals to send targeted information to specific patients that is relevant to their health situations. Rather than receiving general information that may or may not apply to them, patients can rely on getting helpful answers to potential questions and concerns, without even having to ask. By regularly providing helpful and educational information on personal healthcare topics, you can become a trusted expert to existing and potential customers.

5. Analyze and Improve Campaign Performance

Marketing automation software allows healthcare professionals to collect and analyze in-depth customer and campaign data. By testing, tracking and analyzing each campaign with automated processes, healthcare organizations can more easily determine how to improve campaign performance by tweaking different aspects of different campaigns as needed. In addition, customer data can be analyzed and used to seek out new leads and opportunities.

In today’s digital world, your message must be heard by the right audience at the right time. If you’re not already using a marketing automation platform, now would be a great time to start evaluating different options.

CommonPlaces is a Hubspot Silver Certified Agency Partner

CommonPlaces is a Hubspot silver certified agency partner and we use it for all of our marketing needs. However, many of our clients are using other marketing automation platforms as well. It’s always good to evaluate different options to see what marketing automation tool is right for you and your business!

to learn how we can help you create ROI with marketing automation.

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