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CommonPlaces is Headed to Tim O'Reilly's OSCON

CommonPlaces is Headed to Tim O'Reilly's OSCON

Our CEO Ben Bassi will speak on data mining and filtering at OSCON (the Open Source Convention) on Thursday, July 22. The convention is the 12th annual gathering of leaders in the open source world. This year's conference, a five-day event, is being held in Portland, Oregon.

OSCON 2010

Ben's presentation, scheduled for July 22nd at 1:40pm, is titled, 'Panning for Gold: A Prospector's Guide to Mining and Filtering Community Data.' Here is an excerpt from the session abstract:

Like panning for gold, intelligently analyzing your data is a four-step process: Prospecting, Mining, Extracting, and Refining. In this presentation, you'll learn how to uncover insights that elude simple search, find hidden connections in your data, spot potential issues sooner, and discover new ways to create value for your community and your organization '- easily and efficiently.

You can read the full session abstract on the OSCON site.

CommonPlaces, an open source advocate for many years, will also have a full booth at the conference.

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