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CommonPlaces Ranks #3 on List of Top Drupal Developers

CommonPlaces Ranks #3 on List of Top Drupal Developers

November 2012

CommonPlaces is excited to announce that is has been ranked #3 on Best Web Design Agencies' list of Top Drupal Developers for the month of November 2012. This marks the 19th consecutive month of inclusion on this celebrated list for CommonPlaces.

Each month, Best Web Design Agencies (bestwebdesignagencies.com) analyzes over 10,000 firms and compiles a list of leading development agencies from across the country. Developers are ranked in the areas of design analysis, design quality, development quality, code security, and module development. The scores from each of those categories are averaged together to determine an overall score, out of 100.

The designs of each of the firm's clients are strictly analyzed each month. First, the effectiveness of the design in relation to the industry is examined. The analysis also looks at the customization of the design and how well it diversifies the company from its competitors. Finally, the development, use, and security of Drupal modules used within the design are considered. CommonPlaces received a score of 99.6 for the month of October, receiving perfect scores in design analysis, development quality, and code security.

It has certainly been a busy year at CommonPlaces, but the company does not sacrifice quality for quantity. 'We have one of the most talented web development teams in the country,' says Ben Bassi, President and CEO of CommonPlaces, 'and being on this list for so many consecutive months truly is a testament to the level of expertise and experience here at CommonPlaces.'

Among the many projects CommonPlaces has launched already this year, CommonPlaces and Snowbound Software launched a new website that greatly improved the client's web presence. Unaware of the full capabilities of Drupal 7, Snowbound wanted a website that they could manage and expand on their own. CommonPlaces spent weeks working to set the foundation for Snowbound's web presence. In the end, Snowbound was provided a highly functioning website that they continually add new and useful content to.

Also in 2012, CommonPlaces officially handed over the keys to a big, bold, and beautiful website to the Council of Residential Specialists (CRS), an association of over 33,000 residential real estate professionals from across the country and around the world. This website was the result of months of hard work and meticulous fine tuning by our amazing engineering team. Essential components of this project included the ability to handle a wide variety of members, online learning, e-commerce and geospatial search. Demonstrating an exemplary use of the scalability, flexibility, and overall performance of Drupal 7, CRS.com was reviewed by the entire Drupal community and was accepted for inclusion in Drupal's prestigious featured showcase.

'This year, we have been fortunate to meet many great new clients and continued our relationships with existing ones as well. We are thrilled to have been included on this list again this month with other great Web Development agencies,' adds Bassi.


- The CommonPlaces Team

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