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CommonPlaces Named Best Drupal Design Agency in U.S.

CP Culture, Development

CommonPlaces was selected by BestWebDesignAgencies.com as the Best Drupal Developer in the United States for the month of September. CommonPlaces' consistent high ranking in this survey is an indication of our agency's commitment to innovation, superior standards, and hiring a remarkably talented team.

Best Drupal Design AgencyBest Web Design Agencies determines the winners and rankings, and describes their evaluation process: Our evaluation criteria consist of core values that we find to be important for development firms that provide Drupal development services to different companies.

We evaluate the design analysis that is done to help create an effective design for a company based on the industry the company is in to benefit the client.

A look into design quality compares custom designs for different companies in order to understand how well the design is able to distinguish itself from other companies in the same industry.

Development quality is determined by different technologies that are used, strategies that are performed, and standards that are created in order to create both effective and resourceful code.

Our code security criterion evaluates development firms based on their ability to produce secure code that is free of exploits and known flaws that could subject the website to intruders or embedded malicious code.

Our final criterion looks into the module development done to ensure that features are built to be added or removed from an installation as changes are made or features are no longer needed within a website.

General Queries:

  • What type of needs analysis was conducted before work initiated?
  • What type of a ROI were you anticipating, what was achieved and in what time frame?
  • What would be 3 things you would change about your experience?
  • What was your total investment?
  • Rate your overall experience (1-10; 10 being the highest).

Project Specific Queries:

  • What type of project did the service provider undertake?
  • What kind of input did they provide on the feasibility and best way to handle things?
  • How quick was the service provider able to provide their work?
  • Were there any problems with the work?
  • If so, how quickly did they resolve them?'

CommonPlaces is a digital agency located in Manchester, NH specializing in web design and development, inbound marketing services, mobile web solutions, and online strategy. At CommonPlaces we are able to combine strategic, creative, and technological expertise in one convenient package. In a world of web designers who provide creative designs, developers who build technology solutions, and marketing consultants who offer business strategy, CommonPlaces is able to give our customers all three. The result is a web solution that offers a comprehensive approach to success.

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