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Digital Marketing for Manufacturers Sweepstakes

Digital Marketing for Manufacturers Sweepstakes

Manufacturers are no more secure in this global economy than any other B2B firms. You need to be found before your competitors. The search for partners, buyers, and suppliers now starts online. This is why you need a digital marketing strategy. But, we understand that taking that first step is always the hardest.Marketing Sweepstakes

CommonPlaces wants to make it easy for you to enjoy the benefits of digital marketing with a free digital marketing sweepstakes. Throughout the month of July, CommonPlaces will offer you the chance to enter this unique drawing. This opportunity is open to all manufacturing companies in the U.S., it's free, and there is no obligation. The winner will be selected by a random drawing, and the rewards will be pretty sweet.

  • A full website, marketing & competitor analysis
  • Keyword research & development
  • SEO analysis & recommendations
  • A three month editorial calendar
  • Three free blog posts
  • A Social media marketing strategy
  • Personalized website optimization recommendations
  • Personalized email marketing, content marketing & lead nurturing recommendation
  • Customized Google Analytics reports

With strong web content, keyword integration, and the application of analytical data, your business will be found when potential leads search for your unique products and services online. Your company needs to show up on the first page of search engine rankings, and these marketing services can make it happen. Digital marketing practices will build your business, allowing you to be a lead generating superstar within your industry.

Manufacturing companies across the country are realizing the value of new, web-based marketing strategies. Be pro-active, and give your firm the best opportunity to succeed.

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