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The DrupalCon Paris session schedule was finalized over the weekend, and we are very excited to be presenting two sessions at the upcoming Drupal conference. The first session, “Staging Drupal: Managing Your Project in Multiple Environments“, will be presented by Chris and Michelle. This session is in the “Code it, test it, deploy it” track. Here’s a brief description: “Building complex web applications, especially in a team environment, requires more than just code and geeks; it also requires strategy. Drupal shops need to understand how to manage the platform in multiple environments and in all phases of the application lifecycle.” The second session will be a collaborative effort between our own Jake Strawn and Todd Nienkerk from Four Kitchens. Their session is titled “Accelerated Grid Theming Using NineSixty“, and is in the “User experience and design” track.

Here’s the description: “Finding the proper starting point for a theme is a long drawn out process for any themer. We struggle with either maintaining our own base theme, starting from Garland, creating a Zen sub-theme, or just writing something from scratch. This session will cover the 960gs system and how to implement it on your next theme using the ninesixty contributed theme as your starting point.” DrupalCon is the premier place to share knowledge and experience within the Drupal community, and our team is thrilled to be hosting sessions with the goal of giving back to that community. Our CEO, Ben Bassi, will also be in attendance in Paris. If you see someone from the CommonPlaces team, be sure to say hello!

Your Dilemma: Which Agency Should You Choose?

The answer to this one is simple: Pick CommonPlaces

Our goal is not to simply win a bid, it’s to act as a partner for a company and help it succeed. Providing that level of service requires experience, trust, and delivering final products.

You can see our about page to understand our experience. We have a cornucopia of experience. 

The seed of trust is planted during our initial interactions. We are honest in our interactions and that will come through in our communications.

And we deliver results. The biggest proponents of CommonPlaces can be found in our current and past clients. Our team will be happy to connect you.

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