How Manufacturers Can Improve Their Websites

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There are categories of industry websites that perpetually stand out for their design and functionality, such as like-minded digital agencies and media sites. They often have great graphics, easy navigability, and outstanding content. Similarly, there are some industries in which these features are few and far between. At the risk of sweeping generalizations, a casual observer will be hard pressed to find a large proportion of handsome, highly functional manufacturing websites. It’s even harder to fathom why.

Since the beginning of the new millennium, global manufacturing markets have brought innovation and competition in the manufacturing field to extraordinary levels. Knowing this, why haven’t more manufacturers made digital strategy and modern web design features a priority? This is not only crucial in acquiring new leads, but even in maintaining current clients.

It isn’t enough to just have a website which displays your products and lets customers know how to contact you. Websites serve to introduce customers and clients to your business. You have a website in order to build traffic, establish yourself as the leader in your field, and remain relevant. Many of the websites that we see in the manufacturing field fail to meet these standards, which is puzzling because if you are making something which is better than anything like it, why should you try to sell it on a substandard platform?

User friendly

The purpose of most websites is to provide information to the visitor as efficiently and quickly as possible. They should be engaging to all visitors. Ideally, they should also anticipate all of the individual items of information that we will require, and how to combine them. They must then organize the site so that the requisite data is delivered promptly. This is navigability. If you find information swiftly and easily, the site is being optimized.

They should also be built in responsive design, which allows the visitor who found you via mobile devices to have as complete an experience traversing your website as someone on their desktop. Don’t lose business because of this very easily corrected problem.

Inventory control and more

As a manufacturer, you know that the most important question that any potential client can ask is, ‘When can I have it?’ Providing a knowledgeable, informed answer is surely the key to business survival. Integrating an ERP system will allow various players in your company to answer a multitude of questions and make better decisions faster. There are many different ERP modules and solutions, including mobile apps, for all sizes of businesses. An ERP can serve

  • Product planning
  • Material purchasing
  • Inventory control
  • Distribution
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resources


What about content? You’ve heard that content is king on the Internet, and adding fresh content which establishes that you are a knowledge leader in your field is essential. Any worthwhile manufacturing site needs a CMS, which facilitates posting and managing the content. It should also be kept up to date, to show customers and other businesses that your company is alive and well. Having an easy, manageable way to do this can be the difference between new content being added weekly, and a site which adds nothing and appears to be extinct.


Manufacturers like to think that their product is unique, and people will find them easily. In the days before globalization, this might have been true, Now, however, potential clients are using the World Wide Web. If a company can’t be found on the Internet, does it really exist? Implementing sound SEO techniques will make sure that your business will stand out in searches.

Security and Support

Manufacturers have patents, and patents call for security protocols. Nefarious predators are looking to access your records, steal your secrets, and ruin your business. Without keeping constantly updated on the latest changes and updates, companies can be ruined overnight.

Manufacturing is one of the most vitally important building blocks in the structure of society. Manufacturing companies need modern websites if they are to retain that status.

CTA Website Security Checklist

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