Sometimes at commonplaces we like to break out into the wild outdoors and get some fresh air. Most of the time we cant stop working, so we combine them. Moving meetings are literally just that, a meeting...that moves. We form small groups and take walks around our picturesque new hampshire office to talk about our daily objectives and things we need to get done.

Here are some of the benefits to having your own "moving meeting"

Why they're great:

  • Exercise keeps you in better shape '- you'll look better and be more confident.
  • Exercise gives you more energy '- you'll feel better and be able to do things you really enjoy.
  • Sunlight provides important vitamins and minerals to keep your body healthy.
  • It's good for your eyes to look at things far away, instead of only at your computer screen 2 feet in front of you all day.
  • Nature inspires creativity, if you work in a rural area. And if you work in the city, architecture inspires creativity.
  • Exercise gets the blood pumping, helping to increase your brain-power and thus your creativity and problem solving capabilities.
  • Being outdoors and taking a break from your work improves your mood.
  • Not having a place to write things down means you will be less likely to get off track, because you know you have to remember specific things when you get back inside.


When they're appropriate:

  • When a discussion or debate needs to take place, such as to come to a conclusion on a technical solution, decide on a new method or process, etc.
  • If the goal outcome of the meeting is just 1 '- 3 decisions or action items, so you can easily remember them.
  • If you need to pass along information that doesn't need to be written down.

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