New Web Trends Map from Information Architects

Web trends map.

Information Architects has just released the fourth edition of their awe-inspiring Web Trends map. IA mapped the 333 most influential Internet domains onto an imitation of the Tokyo subway system. Each "line" on the map is a different category: Application, Publishing, Opinion, News, etc. The map is certainly overwhelming, but pretty fun to explore. You can even send IA an email now to reserve your copy of the printed poster.

Guess what stop is on the Publishing (purple) line? Yup, you guessed it: Drupal! It's located right between WordPress and the multi-line Apple station. And of the 111 most influential names on the map, Dries Buytaert is one of them.

Here is a hi-res PNG file of the map, but the easiest way to explore it is to go to FlowingData's site, which has a zoomable version.

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