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NH Governor Tours CommonPlaces

NH Governor Tours CommonPlaces

The team at CommonPlaces recently welcomed New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan to our offices. It was a campaign stop for the Governor, who is seeking reelection this November. Accompanied by State Senator Lou D'Alessandro and Executive Councilor Chris Pappas, Governor Hassan took the time to meet with all employees, and even a delegation of clients visiting from Muncie, Indiana.

Group Shot with Governor Hassan





From Left: Ryan Coulombe, Colby Johnson, Amanda Downie, Gary Locke, Stanley Tremblay, Governor Maggie Hassan, Ben Bassi, Kendra Strickler, Carolyn Bowers, Lemuel Santos.









In her speech at our offices, Governor Hassan cited CommonPlaces as an example of the entrepreneurship and innovation that is growing in the state. With its unemployment rate at 4.3% for September, well below the national average, New Hampshire is also proud of state programs and services for the long-term unemployed which have become a national model. Through the On the Job Training (OJT), and Return to Work (RTW) programs, Commonplaces was able to find and nurture three valued employees. The White House and Department of Labor recognized this earlier this year.

In this video, CEO Ben Bassi and Governor Hassan discuss programs which have helped CommonPlaces, and other businesses in New Hampshire.

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