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Protect Your Webite From The WordPress Brute Force Attack

Protect Your Webite From The WordPress Brute Force Attack

WordPress Brute Force AttackA growing series of online attacks called brute force, aimed at breaking into WordPress blogs, is causing concern for many web hosting services. Brute force is a form of hacking which uses an automated system to determine a password. WordPress is being used by over 20 million websites worldwide. As you can see, this attack has potentially serious consequences.

At CommonPlaces, we like to use WordPress to build sites which are centered around blogging for content. Since we service clients who have relied on WordPress, we immediately took all necessary steps to address the needs of our clients, and have resolved concerns that they had before any problems ever arose.

Some simple steps you might want to take to protect your site include:

  • Change your username

Usernames should be unique, and difficult to guess. Never use "Admin. "

  • Lock out IP addresses

Your website should be set to lock out any IP addresses after more than three failed log in attempts.

We pride ourselves on providing solutions, and recognizing the demands of technological security. Find out what we can do for you.Get Started

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