Seed Systems Launches New Website

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Seed Systems, a company that assists businesses and individuals to improve their lives through sustainable living, is pleased to announce their new website designed by CommonPlaces, Inc.Seed Systems uses a systems-in-action approach consulting with individuals, teams, organizations, and networks to transform organizations and create a sustainable world. Since 1994, Seed Systems has worked in business, non-profit, government and academic sectors; creating, designing, facilitating, teaching and coaching leadership programs and culture change initiatives. Many of these are dedicated to creating a sustainable world: abundant health, prosperity, food, water and energy for 7 billion of us, as well as all the inhabitants of this magnificent planet that gives us life. In pursuit of this goal, Seed Systems employs the tools and methods of systems thinking and organizational learning to create sustainability. They have worked with leaders and organizations at every scale of human enterprise, in every sector, as consultants, coaches, speakers, and authors.

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CommonPlaces, Inc. worked within Seed Systems’ budget to design and build a Freedom based website. The new look of the website reflects the company’s goal of helping people transform their lives. Its newly organized navigation allows their clients and partners access to their publications, philosophical and inspirational wisdom, and various courses and consulting options. Most importantly, the new site highlights their River Story Center initiative, customized courses and summits focusing on their signature method of learning sustainability from the inside out.

Sarah Schley found the process of working with CommonPlaces to be very rewarding. Common Places had a vision for us for a new look and feel for our website and coached us to get there,’ she wrote. ‘We are very happy with our new site. Thank you Kendra and team!’

Kendra Bassi, of CommonPlaces, served as the Project Manager on the project. ‘We had a lot of fun working with Seed Systems to rebrand and build their website.’ Kendra added, ‘ They have a unique approach and are truly dedicated to helping individuals as well as large companies find a balance in their life through health, well-being, and sustainable living.’

CommonPlaces was originally founded in 1998 to provide hosted, web-based solutions to over 250 colleges and universities. During that time, CommonPlaces also owned innovative sites such as (of which patents and technology sold as basis of in 2003),, and (an early precursor to sites like Facebook). In 2003, CommonPlaces re-emerged as a premier open-source development firm. Since then, CommonPlaces has helped establish and strengthen the Web presence of over 450 successful projects throughout the country. Today, CommonPlaces has evolved into an organization that combines its well-established experience in web and application development with the magic of inbound digital marketing to deliver unique solutions to businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Begin your journey to sustainability, visit Seed Systems website and see how they can help you transform your life.

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