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Thank You, Epsilon!

Thank You, Epsilon!

It's not often that one of our clients takes the whole project team out to dinner at a posh restaurant to celebrate a successful launch. Epsilon was kind enough to give us this treat, and I want to give them a shout-out of appreciation from everyone here at CommonPlaces. We love clients like Epsilon because they understand that projects are a partnership, and they know how to do it right.

CommonPlaces was hired to design and develop a world class website for Epsilon. The result was Epsilon Agility Harmony, a system created to deliver exceptional email and multichannel campaigns that drive results for their many clients. Agility Harmony was designed and built to enable their clients to generate and deliver cutting-edge cross-channel campaigns that drive better results and enable a more valuable experience for customers. This was Epsilon's first venture into a product specific satellite site, and they turned to CommonPlaces for assistance in realizing their vision.

What makes Epsilon a great customer and why was this project so successful? From the start, they selected CommonPlaces based on our reputation and capabilities, which is a vast improvement over the typical RFP process which results in selecting the low-ball bidder. They came to the kickoff meeting with a clear strategy on what they wanted. Epsilon's team showed us websites that they loved, and clearly explained the type of effect they wanted to create for their customers. During the process, their goals shifted as they got deeper into the project. They were patient and understood that changes take time, can be expensive and that all successful endeavors require a give and take approach.

Most importantly, they respected our experience and judgment. Epsilon considered everything carefully and, with time, got exactly what they wanted. Everyone on both teams is proud of the outcome.

There's nothing more gratifying than a successful project for a client who truly respects and appreciates your craft. The best though was getting together over dinner and being treated like kings and queens. Thank you, Epsilon for a great project and a great time. We wish you all the best luck in the world with Agility Harmony.

Epsilon Dinner

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