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The Five P's of Successful Web Project

The Five P's of Successful Web Project

Here at CommonPlaces, we follow The Five P's to be successful: People, Plan, Protect, Performance and Promote. We help all of our customers reach their digital goals, and each 'P' represents an important step along the way. Pursue the Five P's, and your customers will prosper.


First and foremost you must understand the people you want to connect and engage with. What are their goals, needs, expectations, pain points, and preferences? This will make sure you are making educated decisions when it comes to building a user friendly website such as creating modern designs, purposeful layouts, engaging content and SEO friendly navigation. Putting people first will result in a project that is geared towards the customers you want and putting you one step closer to success.


Before rushing into development of a website or creating a marketing plan, it's important to plan all aspects of your project to ensure its success before work even begins. A good plan will take all considerations into account, not just design or programming elements of the project. Planning documentation should include

  • A Customer Experience Journey Map
  • Wireframes
  • Technical Specifications
  • Data Architecture
  • Branding Guidelines
  • Marketing Strategy


We know the importance of web security, and it's not a subject that we take lightly. From the application to the server, we follow best practices and stay current on updates as they are released. A development choice that compromises the security of your site is never worth it. Our engineers always ensure that there are no security vulnerabilities in the projects we develop so that our clients stay protected.


Your customer’s experience with your site and brand will be influenced by the way the site or portal performs when they are using it. Our team keeps performance in mind when building so the website runs smoothly and meets expectations. Once the site is live we work with our customers to review and assess their analytics, and watch their KPIs to track success. Making note of what is working (and not working) for your visitors and users will help with making decisions and recommendations for future changes and updates. There is always room for improvement!


Tracking performance and KPIs would be nearly impossible if your prospects and customers weren’t aware of your site or Portal. When putting together your marketing strategy, make sure you include efforts to drive prospective and current customers to your site. This should include creating quality content that your customers will find helpful, interesting and engaging. Don’t forget to share links to your website and talk about any features or tools created specifically for your customers.

There are your Five P's If you'd like to hear more about how we use the Five P's in our projects, or hear more words we like that start with 'P', don't hesitate to contact us.

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