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The Inbound Marketing Circle: Part 3

The Inbound Marketing Circle: Part 3

Over the past few weeks, we have talked about Inbound Marketing and the connectivity that exists between the different aspects of it. Here, I wanted to tie them together to show what a powerful tool this inbound marketing thing really is.

The Inbound Marketing process can be looked at as a circleI like to think of content for inbound marketing as a circle. Let's use a blog article for an example. First, the article is written using best practices including optimized keywords, tags, and links. Next, the finished blog is pushed on social media and other outlets. Eventually, it is indexed by Google and other search engines where it gains search traffic as well. After some time, analytics will show how the content, in this case the blog, performed. Based on the findings in your analytics, you can determine the success of the content written while planning for new content. Maybe that article proved to be a successful vessel through which visitors interacted with your site. On the other hand, maybe there was very little interest in the article and a new direction may be necessary for next time. Regardless, you have generated content and that is always a good thing!


Inbound marketing is a really amazing process. The greatest thing about it is its measurability and proven effectiveness. The circle shows there are many steps involved in leveraging it to its utmost potential. Analytics is a no-brainer just like blogging, social media, and SEO are.


So tell us, how often are you blogging and adding new content? What analytical tools are you leveraging? Of course, if you have any questions about analytical solutions or inbound marketing, please feel free to contact the CommonPlaces Inbound Marketing team.

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