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The Summer is Over, My Last Day as a Marketing Intern

CP Culture

This summer I had the pleasure of being the marketing intern at CommonPlaces. During my time here, I learned so much more about agencies, technology and marketing than I had ever expected.

Agency Life

Interning at CommonPlaces showed me how an agency functions and the process behind projects and campaigns. I was able to sit in on company meetings that showed how each department (development, marketing, project management) works together to ensure that projects run smoothly and efficiently. I also sat in on meetings and phone calls with clients, which offered great experience in seeing how Kristen and Kendra interact with clients and strive to solve any issues.


My first day at CommonPlaces, I saw the variety of technology and tools that are used every day for project management, marketing, and internal communication. Although I was overwhelmed at first, I now feel comfortable using many of them such as HubSpot, which I now use to schedule social media posts, edit blog posts and manage contacts. I was also shown how to edit content for Drupal and WordPress sites, which gave me the opportunity to do some work for clients and learn some basics of coding.


Because I had no marketing experience before this internship, I am thankful that Kristen and Ben were willing to walk me through each aspect and give me projects that would teach me new skills. I enjoyed learning about SEO and the importance of keyword research, metatags and using Google Analytics--- all topics that were new to me before the internship.

I gained experience with social media by developing a content calendar and learning how to use HubSpot to schedule posts on each platform. Creating gifs, designing infographics and writing content for posts was a fun challenge.

Saying Goodbye 

I will miss being at CommonPlaces as I head back to school for the fall. This experience gave me confidence and taught me the importance of working in a positive environment where I can practice what I have learned in the classroom. I am excited to continue exploring the world of marketing and putting skills I have learned to the test.

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