UX vs CS vs CX, The Customer Experience Journey

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You’ve been hearing the buzz words: customer experience and user experience.

You want new customers and you want your existing customers to refer new customers.

We are here to help you understand the difference between the terms and how to use them effectively to find new customers and exceed their expectations throughout the customer journey.

Define UX, CS, CX

What is User Experience (UX)

UX and UX design gives a website visitor the ability to find information quickly and easily. User ExperienceCan visitors locate your services easily? Can they find the Chat Now button and is it effective to answer their questions? Do they know where to find contact information?

The goal of UX is to solve visitors problems efficiently and enjoyably.

What is Customer Service (CS)

Customer Service is focused on customer interaction and directly supporting them. Customer Service can be reactive when a customer isn’t satisfied but the idea now is to Customer service representative wearing headset - isolated over a white backgroundgive customers access to resources so they can try to solve their own problems, when they have them.


What is Customer Experience (CX)

Compared to CS and UX, CX is proactive and aims to reach every customer.

CX is at the heart of everything a company does starting at the beginning when a visitor learns about your company, views your website and interacts with a sales person. From a web development project perspective, once you win the business and the former website visitor is now a customer give them the best CS starting with a great kick off call and website planning session. Set their expectations on returning calls and emails, how they can communicate to other team members about the project and be realistic on the project launch date. Once they launch or the project is complete, continue to offer the best CS for support needs and offer ideas for future projects such as loyalty programs and additional products – keep that customer engaged and happy.

Measure the value of CX by the overall experience the customer has and the likelihood they will continue to use your services. And most importantly – the likelihood they recommend your company to others. Good CX gives a customer the ability to have an engaging, professional interaction with your company. If you have several customers who continue to work with you on new projects and refer business, you have great CX.

Serious medical team using a laptop in a bright office

Put your customer first in everything you do by incorporating a customer-centric approach across all touch points. From your voicemail message to social media posts – the best CX wins.

Learn more about how CommonPlaces and how our customers move through the Customer Journey in the next blog post.

Contact us with question, comment and inquiries. We look forward to talking to you soon!

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