We’re Going to Drupalcon

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Eric Schmidt (Chairman & CEO of Google, Inc. as well as a board member for Apple, Inc.) speaks on the Web 2.0 and where Web 3.0 may take us:

Mr. Schmidt does an excellent job of summarizing Web 2.0 as a new way of building web applications, primarily using AJAX. I would certainly agree that the use of web development techniques such as AJAX have afforded internet engineers the necessary tools to create many of the interactive applications that are characteristic of Web 2.0.Google’s front man then goes on to predict that Web 3.0 will continue the evolution of Web 2.0, consisting of many small applications pieced together. The new breed of applications in this development landscape will be cross-compatible, working with both mobile devices (cell phones, blackberries, PDAs, etc) along with traditional PCs. There will be less restrictive barriers to entry for developers. The new conglomerations of applications will more effectively solve problems, run very quickly, and work everywhere. To top it all off everything will be spread virally via social networks and by people passing on what they find useful and effective to others who share the need for similar software. This all sounds like a continuation of what we have come to love about the current open source, Web 2.0 world. We can’t wait to be a part of The Web’s next iteration!

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