What Makes CommonPlaces Special?

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One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is sitting down with individual employees each month to discuss their views on the company, goals, issues, victories, projects, and anything else on their minds. I am constantly impressed by their insight and innovative solutions, many of which we have implemented. This month one of my questions was “What makes CommonPlaces special to our customers, and how do we meet their unmet needs?” The responses made me reflect over 20 years and are definitely worth sharing.



“I believe our customers’ value is not just the beautiful and functional websites and portals we create for them, but also the confidence of counting on us throughout the process with full transparency and partnership.” Giovani



“Our ability to rise to the occasion and tackle complicated requests and issues. Our team is very creative, not only do they come up with some amazing solutions, but they are also always thinking about the next phase so they build something that can grow and expand.” Kendra



“The depth and breadth of our solid committed development team are not found anywhere else.” Shannon




“We don’t say no. New customers come to us with very difficult problems, and sometimes we have to adjust and learn something new. We never say no, we find a way.” Ethan



“We appreciate the importance of Customer Experience for our client’s customers and integrate that approach throughout every project while achieving results that align with client business goals.” Leanne



“Our strong desire to provide the right solution, powered by our desire to do what’s right for our customers.” Ryan




“Our specialization in Drupal versus generalists. We will do it better than anyone.” Brian




“When you choose CommonPlaces, you’re not just hiring a developer. You’re hiring a whole team that is not outsourced. We have the advantage of each other when searching for solutions to complex problems. It’s killer!” Cameron



“CommonPlaces is not a place where you pick something off the shelf, it’s a place where you partner with someone who cares and will listen along the way to your real challenges and present you with real, customized technology solutions. They’re pretty awesome.” Bill


Laura-Cropped“At CommonPlaces, we are dedicated to finding creative answers to your questions and problems. We want to provide the best experience for you and your clients and will ensure you feel confident throughout all stages of a project.” Laura


Brandi“When everyone in the company shares this glowing attitude of positivity and desire to continually do their very best, that really pours over into the customer experience. All of us here at CommonPlaces share a strong desire to do what is right for our clients, what is right for each other, and what will keep that positive energy flowing.” Brandi


Bennewsletter“I love the can-do attitude of our team. No mountain is too high.  Where there is a will, there is always a way. Customers bring us problems that others cannot solve. We create incredible Customer Experiences with a high degree of professionalism achieving their growth goals.” Ben



All of these thoughts from our team share one common thread– here at CommonPlaces we prioritize you. Your customers’ experience, website needs, and business goals are all just as important to us as they are to you. Whether you are a long-time customer or a new face in need of a team that will strategize with you, we are here to help. Check out our portfolio to see how we have elevated our customers’ sites to the next level and can do the same for you!


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