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Why Less is More on Your Landing Page

Why Less is More on Your Landing Page
  • Have a great website
  • Creating useful content
  • Seeing an increase in your website traffic
Everything is proceeding exactly as it should for your inbound marketing. However, all your efforts could come to a screeching halt if your landing pages turn off your visitors. A landing page is where contacts turn into solid leads. It would be a serious mistake to bring someone to the point of contact, only to have them decide that you've asked too much of them, or you've suddenly deviated from the voice and message which brought them to this point.

Keep it simple

Don't clutter the page with offers, graphics, and extraneous information. This page should look much like your other pages, but cleaner. Make your page header as direct as possible. Basically, ask yourself what the purpose of this landing page is, and stick to that.

Keep it friendly

Put yourself in the place of your visitor. You've wandered in, looked around, and you like what you see. The hard sell, which takes the attitude that the customer shouldn't leave without buying something, isn't appropriate. A great landing page should always include words like Please, Welcome, and Thanks.

Keep it professional

Obviously, in order for a visitor to become a legitimate lead, you'll need some information from them. You do not, however, need to know a lot of personal information. In order to add them to a client list, ask only the most basic information. Nobody wants to fill out a long form, and everybody is wary of spam and other intrusions into their lives. Of course, the type of client data that you require will vary depending on your business, but always maintain the attitude that you are entering into a professional relationship with someone.
A prospect fitting your target demographic is ready to become a lead. Your landing page is the place where that happens. Don't lose them now.

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