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Why Should I Blog?

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Why should you blog? Here is an incomplete list of reasons to start (or continue) blogging for your business. If you've heard all the talk about blogging lately, and you're wondering if and why you should blog, this list is for you. If you're already a frequent blogger, but you're looking for a little motivation to keep you on the right track, look no further.

Reasons Your Business Should Blog:

  • A blog can be a source of keyword-rich content. What do search engines love? Keyword-rich content.
  • A blog can be a source of regularly updated content. What else do search engines love? Regularly updated content.
  • What makes one-time visitors to your site become regular visitors? Regularly updated content.
  • Blogs are a great medium for connecting with your customers on a more personal level that is possible on your corporate site.
  • All the cool companies are doing it.
  • Show off a little. Anyone can say they are the authority in their field, but if you demonstrate a real knowledge of your field in your blog posts, your visitors will see you as an expert that can be relied upon.
  • As more of an indirect benefit, writing a lot about your business can give you a better understanding of your business and a clearer sense of what you do. It sounds simple, but many businesses don't have a firm grasp of these concepts.
  • Blogging is a great way to get the word out to your customers about a new product, service offering, or recent news within your company
  • A blog is a great launching pad for a social media campaign. Take your best posts, and share them on digg, StumbleUpon, reddit and other social sites. All you need to be successful on these sites is quality content, hard work, and a little luck.
  • Ultimately, SEO and social media are just tools. As has always been the case on the Web, nothing is more valuable than quality content that people want. A blog can be an excellent breeding ground for this content.

I hope this list has inspired you to keep blogging about your business. If you're not blogging yet, now is the perfect time to start, for all the reasons listed above. If you think I've left a great reason out (I'm sure I have), leave it in the comments below!

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