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COVID-19 Communication and Marketing Survival Toolkit

Surviving during - thriving after - the COVID-19 Epidemic


  • Your sales pipeline is declining
  • Your current customers are canceling
  • You are facing a decision to lay off or furlough staff

We have all learned from past financial crises how to survive and thrive through them but this crisis is unprecedented; like nothing we have ever faced.

When we stop talking to prospective customers or use bad messaging we will lose employees and run up debt.

Businesses that can build on their messaging will be able to emerge stronger than their competitors after this crisis has passed.

The COVID-19 Communication and Marketing Survival Toolkit provides a plan for you to follow for not only maintaining existing customers but how to increase them during this downtime, and filling the pipeline of prospective customers.

Your Toolkit includes the following:

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Analysis of Your Current Response

You most likely have communicated to your customers with office updates and policies. We will analyze your messaging across your website, social media and other channels to identify missteps and options for how to communicate clearly.

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How to Adapt Your Current Marketing

Instead of immediately buying, prospective customers are researching and planning. They are focused even more on financing, as well as timing. We will provide you with a checklist of tasks to adapt your current marketing during this unprecedented time.

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60-minute Video Consultation

Your Toolkit will be reviewed during a 60 minute video meeting with our digital marketing team who will take you through our findings, provide insights how other businesses are responding and answer additional questions.

If you already have a pipeline of customers then you don’t need this. However, if you do we can help you prepare.

COVID-19 Response Toolkit


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