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DiscoverOrg provides business with information about potential clients and market trends. Using DiscoverOrg, companies can fast track to decision makers by using direct-dial phone numbers, verified email addresses, and department level org charts provided by DiscoverOrg. Discover Org is able to predict who is most likely to buy and providing their users with that valuable information. This contact information saves companies time and effort by decreasing the amount of calling and searching for information.

DiscoverOrg has the highest percentage of direct-dial phone numbers and verified email addresses to help companies increase and improve the quality of their pipeline.CommonPlaces uses DiscoverOrg to find clients in our target audience and accurate information for contacting them.

Benefits of using discoverorg

  • Accurate information with verified email addresses and direct-dial phone numbers
  • Org charts show leadership positions and responsibilities in companies
  • Saves time gathering contact information
  • Hyper-targeted lists for specific information
  • Filter options
  • Updates on information such as leadership changes, new projects, added funding, etc.


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